Stil Gomma

We provide innovative technical solutions for the creation of custom products, guaranteeing a high-level co-design and co-engineering service.

Mission & Vision

Stil Gomma's mission is not simply to produce standard gaskets, but to design and produce materials, components and processes in order to create custom technical products. To do this Stil Gomma invests every day in the research and development of innovative solutions, raw materials, equipment and processes for a production trend with constantly growing technical and qualitative performance.

The company
Fields of application

Stil Gomma thanks to its high technical and technological level and its great flexibility collaborates every day with numerous customers from very different sectors: special agricultural machinery sector, automotive, industrial, motorcycles, electronic and mechatronic, medical, nautical, aeronautical, military, sports, robotics, food and many others...

Quality certifications

Stil Gomma has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for over 20 years and has obtained the Certification IATF 16949 in March 2019.


Stil Gomma is Flexibility

  • Zero defect quality products
  • Series production (orders of millions of pieces per month)
  • Production of small batches (orders of 50 pieces per year)
  • Large pieces (3.5 kg)
  • Small pieces (0.01 gm)
  • Co-molding of metals
  • Co-molding of multiple raw materials (rubber-metal-plastic in a single product)
  • Patented products and processes
  • Colored raw materials
  • Internal formulation & production of special raw materials
  • Automotive products
  • Medical products
  • Electro-technical products
  • Products intended for civil and military aviation
  • Products for security sectors
  • Products for heavy vehicles
  • Products for many other sectors
  • Management-Production-Delivery of over 3500 different codes every month
  • Daily & automatic programming of the entire production
  • Special machines
  • Total employment of over 50 loyal operators
of special parts produced & distributed

Our products go everywhere...

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