StilGomma announces its Mission statement

Quality Certifications

StilGomma has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years.The quality at the base of each labour of ours is synonym of responsibility and safety. Our definition of quality includes respect of product toward the environment, toward the cognitive heritage and toward the conservation of social welfare. Besides, it also satisfies the customer concerning coherent and detectable aims and it allows the constant and innate improvement of every productive process.
We are careful to news in the manufacturing field, often introduced at events and exhbitions of the sector. StilGomma, which has always followed the path of quality, has obtained the Certification IATF 16949 in March 2019. An international standard able to further magnify qualitative factors of the company


Strategy for Companies

We are not ordinary suppliers nor straightforward customers. We are and we have partners that collaborate every day in order to reach the best overall solution. Our company strategy envisages a closer collaboration with all the stakeholders; in this way we can establish the right approach according to the type of fullfilment or technical intervention. Analysis of initial state, arrangement of an action plan and strategy execution will be the macro stages that will feed and give value to your ideas.

Research and Development

The world is made of thousands and thousands of materials: humans beings can only conceive and dominate processes that can transform them. StilGomma invests every day in research by developing innovative solutions, equipments and new procedures for a production trend characterized by technical performances in constant growth. We strongly believe that the R&S is an essential requirement because it marked the path toward progresses and turning points in many fields within our remit. The background of our company is indeed not static, but dynamic, ready to assimilate changes and merits in the chemistry and engineering fields. This idea is a real bulwark of wisdom and fairness for us, that we'd like to offer to your enterprise.

Network of Partners and Associates

The markedly qualified territory, several experiences in many sectors, and 40 years of loyal human relations allowed us to gather a team able to face any new challenge. Our solid partnerships go beyond geographic boundaries, and thanks to the Internet, they allow us to communicate in real time with business from abroad. Apart from covering the Bergamo area and the neighbouring Brescia and Milan, our products travel from the continental basins of North and Southern America to those of the entire European territory.