Past, Present and Future of StilGomma company

the memorable logo of our rubber industry

StilGomma was born in 1977 and it has grown up under the leadership of the founder Silver Pecis, in a strategic position in the hearth of Valle Calepio (Bergamo). This area is historically specialized in the manufacturing of industrial gaskets and many other similar products (hence the name Rubber Valley).

Since its beginning the company has been not only producer of standard products, but it also focused in the realization of customized products, raw materials and special items in order to supply new project solutions. Our peculiarity of "creating a unique object and suitable to the context" has become, with the passing of time, our official trademark, strongly connected to our Vision.

Our corporate culture is entirely enshrined in our Know-how, which is currently leader of technical experiences and technological solutions. Candor and passion for our job have shaped our qualified entity that daily supports and supplies precious enterprises around the world, crossing the merely commercial horizons.

Spokeperson words:
"Constant formation and workforce have allowed us to establish a perfect balance between the practical and theorical sides of our Business. These two elements build up what we usually call Experience. It let us measure precisely the temperature of material or taking into consideration the times before filling in the mould. Details that made the difference in the past, will continue making it in future times, where every product will be part of a bigger and more universal scheme, accessible to everyone."