About us

Stil Gomma – Made in Italy since 1977

Stil Gomma was born in 1977 and developed under the guidance of the founder Silver Pecis in a strategic position in the heart of the Calepio Valley. This territory is historically specialized in the processing of industrial gaskets and related products and known throughout the world as the “Rubber Valley”.

The company is not a simple manufacturer of standard gaskets. In fact Stil Gomma has always been specialized in designing and producing materials, components and processes in order to create custom technical products asked by our clients. All of this has made Stil Gomma a highly specialized and technical reality.

40 years of experience in numerous and different sectors have allowed us to build our solid and efficient co-design and co-engineering service. Our rich know-how guides our customers throughout the all-collaboration phase.

Over the years we have built and continue to cultivate a dense network of specialists and partners that allows Stil Gomma to manage any component needed to produce the products.

Stil Gomma is PARTNER

We are not looking for simple suppliers and simple customers, but PARTNERS who want to collaborate every day in order to reach the best global solution.

Stil Gomma is R&D

Stil Gomma invests every day in research, developing innovative solutions, raw materials, equipment & processes, for a production trend with constantly growing technical and qualitative performance.

Honesty and passion combine with our rich know-how and shape our efficient reality that collaborates and supplies precious customers all over the world.