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Specific tailored objects designed and produced according to what you are looking for

Custom products represent that variety of industrial articles requested by the market with requirements not easy to satisfy. For example the form or shade of a rubber component that inserted in an industry is able to improve the aesthetic and especially the overall efficiency.
In this regard, StilGomma is a real industrial atelier because it realizes rubber profiles of the most daedalic forms, in order to faithfully reproduce the project on paper and transform it in something unique and touch-sensitive like cylindrical, rectangualar, conical or spiral rubber products.
Along with the manufacturing, StilGomma guides the customer in the evaluation of the project feasibility and the following approvale phase according to the standard regulations.
Our equipped machinery inventory and our work force let us face and realize any kind of requested personalized production (our fourty years experience is the proof). This kind of products will request your complete accuracy and dedication in describing us as "what you want and how you want it": a concrete success that will be gratifying, of those to save proudly a reproduction on you writing desk.

The final outcome of a customized article:

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