The technical office: energy for your ideas

The role of our Technical Office:

The technical office is the ultimate information point dedicated to individuals, industries, and addressed to every kind of customer. You can count on us to solve any problem you know the identity of, or when you don't know who to ask: from the problem detection to the diagnosis and solution you were looking for.

Who can you turn to?

The technical office is staggered in several units so that the buyer can turn to the concerned branch, as if he were in a real customer area. Our staff covers many roles in order to guarantee a higher specialization level and the skill to manage more customers simultaneously from the very first step:

  1. Professional and practical advice for people who are in search of the target product:
  2. Orders, commercial proposals, bureaucratic barriers and Customer Satisfaction in the sale field:
  3. For the administration and coordination of all the internal and external processes aimed to quality:

Elements available for the customers:

  • Practical successful models according to your sector
  • 2D/3D draft study: from project paper to activation
  • Paper documentations: aspect ratio, compatibility, sampling, certificate of raw material used, ecc.
  • Inspections
  • Estimates and direct purchases (also more than one unit)

We have equipments, raw materials, and patented processes and/or processes protected by industrial secrecy.

Our production boasts a modern flexible production system (FMS)

  • High-Quality products, 0 defects
  • Series productions (orders of millions of pieces per month)
  • Productions of small batches (orders of 50 pieces per year)
  • Pieces of huge dimensions (3,5 kg)
  • Pieces of small dimensions (0,02 gr)
  • Special machines and colored raw materials
  • Study, formulation and internal production of special raw materials
  • Management-Production-Delivery of more than 3500 different codes every month
  • Daily automated scheduling of the whole production

Our resources are your guarantees

StilGomma guarantees the achievement of the aims and the progressive industrialization of processes and products in order to daily improve quality and saving. The high level of our technological resources allows us to realize high quality products for the industries at competitive prices. Our associates will be at the customers disposal in the form of co engineering.
If our production is a precious engineering phenomenon, the commercialization phase is a guaranteed delivery.
StilGomma will supply the keys-information get to know with the new product: advantages and disadvantages and help in the phases of installation and conservation. Support and assistance will make of the purchase a reason to believe in our work, and in your saving, every day, brick after brick.

The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.
Albert Einstein