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Everything you need to know about BergaMASK®: the Made in Italy protective mask

  • BergaMASK® is a generic protective mask for the community for use in private, public and working environments.
  • Tests are underway at the Politecnico di Milano to evaluate the true FFP title.
  • Stil Gomma is studying different types of filter in order to satisfy the different requests

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Currently, priority is given to Civil Protection, Alpini, Law Enforcement, Healthcare Workers and workers in the necessary supply chains. However, requests will be considered and processed as soon as possible.

Private persons and Companies

ABC Forniture industriali
Palazzolo S/O (BS)
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Distributors and resellers

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Authorized reseller

ABC Forniture industriali
Viale IV Novembre, 42
Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS)

Farmacia Cimarelli Dr. Gianfranco
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Foresto Sparso (BG)

Farmacia San Lorenzo
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In collaboration with Italian Form, Manzoni, DIGI and 2F we have donated 10,000 Bergamask® and 300,000 filters to the territory.