Co-mouldings and mouldings: what do we deal with?

Comoulding, also known as co-moulding or injection moulding, consists in the realization of a product welded and covered with components of heterogeneous Nature.
Rubber and plastic materials moulding concerns instead the industrial production sphere that includes the use of standardized moulds.

StilGomma is specialized in both fields: we are a solid partner company dedicated to the planning of moulds and co-mouldings of different typologies of materials and different dimensions

Why choosing a co-moulded product?

The advantages can be various: the increase of durability and the overall lightness of the object. Furthermore, the client is not forced to buy to different articles and then unify them: he can count on a single co-moulded product.

Is co-moulding for me?

Co-moulding is an innovative solution, and as such it comes from a cautious preliminary assessment and not from an instinctive one. Choices often burden on this procedure because it seems the most flexible economici if compares to other possibilities (expensive and elaborate). In the electrotechnical field in the production of electronical sheets co-mouldings are preferred, exactly as they are in the fixing sector for the production of rivets and threated inserts. Tell us about your current situation: StilGomma has an equipe of expert consultants in any work sector, and an equipe of designers able to assist you in every change of the project. According to the sector, peculiar needs can show up, but thanks to its experience and perseverance StilGomma can anticipate and solve them.

Our co-moulding combinations (except glass and resin)

The materials that compose our co-mouldings can be more than one:
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The gallery of the co-moulded multicolor and multi-component products


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