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The horse cleat: our idea for the equestrian sector

From a simple iron forged armor to protect the animal’s hooves, horse cleats have always represented strong sense of splendor and security both in the shod horse and in the horseman’s soul.
We took inspiration from the geometry and the costumes of past times, and we created the hipposandal of the XXI century. Our product differs from other horse shoes kits on the market because it was born to protect the shod hoof, serving this way as a work and prevention shoe, and not an emergency shoe.

The technique of our Horse Line

Born after accurate studies on the safety of the horse and its horseman, the horseshoe of our Horse Line have shown since the beginning a versatile interest in the work field, in veterinary, in countryside horse riding and in shows.
The encumbrance is minimized, while the contact with the horse hair and skin is avoided to prevent possible damages. For these reasons, our shoes keep on being suggested for saddle horses, bareback horses or horses with fastenings.
Our horseshoe is the final product of Doctor Origgi Ambrogio’s studies, vet and head of the agricultural holding “La Bosana” (Piozzano-Piacenza), and of his open-field tests with his endurance horse, obtaining worldwide competitive times (160 km in a day).
We began from that ancient transient invention and now we can say we have completed a path that made us more and more expert in the design and production of shoes suitable for any horse breed and any rider or stable needs.

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