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"BOSANA" shoe - the “hipposandal” of the 21st century 

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The "BOSANA" shoe - the “hipposandal” of the 21st century

Stil Gomma in collaboration with “LA BOSANA” staple carried out several studies for the safety of horse and rider on any terrain and it created a unique shoe called BOSANA

BOSANA is a shoe for work and for the prevention of the health of the shod hoof and sole on any hard and slippery terrain. BOSANA was born, studied and patented to protect the hoof, hooking itself easily to the horseshoe branches; for this reason, BOSANA is not an emergency shoe for the loss of a horseshoe.

The shoe has been tested for years on endurance horses of the well-known BOSANA stable, obtaining excellent successes both nationally and internationally (endurance horses travel about 160 km a day).

BOSANA is a unique shoe because: it doesn't touch the coronary band, it doesn't slip and it protects the shod hoof and the sole on hard and slippery grounds because it mechanically reduces the concussion ensuring a good grip. The shoe is made of hard rubber, the encumbrance is reduced to a minimum and contact with the fur and skin is carefully avoided to prevent potential abrasions.

When to use BOSANA 


The shoe boasts an interest not only in the field of work, but also in veterinary medicine, country riding and entertainment.

BOSANA is excellent for those activities where the horse is in contact with hard and slippery terrain such as:

  • Medium and long-distance rides
  • Tracking
  • Country activities 
  • Work with harness saddles
  • Endurance on hard, slippery and stony terrain
  • Asphalt shows
  • Cross-country 
  • Service for the armed forces

In the veterinary field, BOSANA can be easily used as a preventive shoe to keep abscesses or other possible hoof-related problems clean. Moreover, it can be used to prevent the horse from being lashed during any surgical operation, providing protection to veterinarians and ensuring a less traumatic contact with the rubber rather than with iron or horn. Finally, the horse will have a less traumatic awakening and a better grip of the lashed hoof in the box.

Size guide

Choosing the right size for your horse is very simple. Simply measure the two widest ends of the shod hoof and compare the size with that of each shoe.

312,86 cm - 5,06 in
14,32 cm - 5,63 in
412,21 cm - 4,80 in
15,12 cm - 5,95
513,88 cm - 5,46 in
15,37 cm - 6,05 in
6-715,62 cm - 6,14 in
16,65 cm - 6,55 in
8-917,55 cm - 6,90 in
19,43 cm - 7,64 in

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